Embellished Chart Packages

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Red Word Family Home Pocket Chart (19″ x 39″)
 with Custom Roof-Topper

Each Family Unit begins with a new Word Family who “Moves In” to the Word Family Home Pocket Chart. The Word Family “goes together” (just like “people families”) because the words all share something in common – a sound!

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Blue Word Blurb Pocket Chart (26″ x 27″)

The Word Blurb Pocket Chart is utilized as part of the writing component of the Lesson Plans.

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Qty: 1

Classroom Sizing: (33.5″ x 41.5″)
Homeschool Sizing: (55.5″ x 41.5″)
Green Word Wall Pocket Charts
 with coordinating 3d Alphabet Strip for Chart C (instead of laminated)
 and 3d Number Coordinates & A/B/C Chart Labels
 Custom seams help prevent Word Cards from leaning forward

At the end of each Family Unit, the Word Family “Moves Out” to the main Word Wall consisting of 3 Pocket Charts. Charts A and B hold the Word Cards configured like a graphic organizer, literally showing how words go together as shared sounds emerge in strands of color with the same picture cue. The particular arrangement of the Word Cards also provides cues to help in remembering words. For example, the word “last” is the last word on the chart! Chart C holds an alphabetical listing of words with an adorable Alphabet Strip that coordinates with the Word Family Home Roof-Topper.