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Classroom Edition

  • Please note if you do not purchase the Embellished Chart Package, you will need to supply your own pocket charts.  See the Embellished Chart Package Classroom Edition for the sizes you will need.


Latty Sight Word Cards

and Word Blurb Cards

4.25″ wide x 3.75 tall

Qty: 30

Qty: 10

Collection of updated Sight Words. Learning Sight Words is a critical component of learning to read for fluency and comprehension. Letter sounds are coded with sound cues to help children “sound out words” – even words that “don’t follow the rules!”

Alphabet Sound Cards

9″ wide x 12″ tall

Qty: 26

Large Cards display letters and whimsical illustrations that are cues to help children remember their sounds. Vowels are differentiated by a gold border and “fatter” letters. Letters with common alternate font styles are shown in the upper-right corner. (Yes, we’ve thought of everything!)

Family Cards

1.75″ wide x 3.13″ tall

Qty: 35

Assigning Family members to Word Cards is a fun way to reinforce that Word Families go together (just like “people families”) because the words all share something in common – a sound!

Personal Alphabet Cards
(Class Set of 25)

8″ wide x 3″ tall

Qty: 25

Children can keep their own Alphabet Cards taped to their folders or desks as a handy reference. Special “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” images help them learn to differentiate between the commonly confused b & d and p & q. (See, we really did think of everything!)

Remember Posters

22″ wide x 17″ tall

Qty: 2

Remember Posters feature Shara Story and her mice friends along with memorable poems to encapsulate and serve as reminders of how b, d, p, & q are kind of the same but different and how reading words and thinking about what they are “saying” go together (Comprehension).

Latty List Taxonomy
Model Poster

22″ wide x 17″ tall

Qty: 1

This charming poster for teachers and administrators shows how First Words Fast Lesson Plans begin with teaching foundational knowledge and understanding so students are then equipped to successfully use that knowledge in higher order thinking operations, up to creating – which is the highest order of thinking.

Program Guide

Qty: 1

An easy to understand Program Guide tells you everything you need to know about teaching beginning readers using First Words Fast.

Lesson Plan Guide(s)
with Rtl Implementation

Qty: 1

Ready-made lesson plans are easy to follow and full of fun ideas to keep children engaged.

Word of the Day

5.75″ wide x 6.63″ tall

Qty: 1

The Word of the Day Necklace not only brings special focus to one word each day, it has a zipper pouch, storage sleeve, and pen holder to keep your essentials handy.

Shara Wand

33.25″ long

Qty: 1

The Shara Wand is not only a pointer, but it is a magic tool for bringing visual focus to phonemic aspects of words. Children also enjoy following Shara Story perched at the tip of the wand as she scampers faster and faster across words to build fluency!

Laminated Alphabet Strip
for Chart C

33” wide x 1.9” tall

Qty: 1

This Alphabet Strip comes with the Homeschool Edition for you to attach to your own Pocket Chart C which holds the Word Cards in alphabetical order. If you are using your own Pocket Charts, see the measurements of the 5 charts contained in the Embellished Chart Package to best accommodate the Words Cards according to the First Words Fast system.

Dry Erase Sentence

Qty: 5

Feature the Word of the Day in a sentence on the Word Blurb Pocket Chart as part of the First Words Fast writing component of the Lesson Plans.

Peachy Storybook

Qty: 1

Peachy is a charming children’s book written by the creator of First Words Fast as a special gift to remind teachers and parents of the importance of reading a-loud to children for pure pleasure, which motivates them to learn to read themselves! The story draws children into the fun adventures of Natlee and the sweetest little peach. Beneath the humor and lighthearted tone, however, lies the subtle message that love can be forever.

Shara Story Plush Toy
with washing bag

5″ wide x 5″ deep x 8″ tall

Qty: 1

Shara is our silky soft mascot Word Detective complete with detective cap and magnifying glass and a magnifying glass for you, too –  because you never know when you might need to take a closer look at a word to figure it out. And there’s nothing better than cuddling up with someone you love and Shara Story!

Classroom Edition

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Personal Alphabet Cards
(Class Set of 25)
Peachy Storybook
Word Family Home Custom Roof-Topper
Shara Story Hats
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