In reality, this is exactly how all curricula should be designed. I LOVE that the program empowers teachers to be professional decision-makers based on individual student needs.

Dr. Laurie Sharp
International Literacy Association Board Member, 2019-2022
Associate Professor at Tarleton State University

Ms. Latty, creator of First Words Fast, could teach a rock how to read. As a former elementary school principal, I was always looking for something new and exciting that would not only improve my students’ ability to read but also genuinely hold their interest.  Kleberg Elementary of the Dallas Independent School District is made up primarily of Title I eligible students; approximately 98% of the student population has unique needs. I’ve known Ms. Latty since 2004 and can say she’s an educator who strives to incorporate these needs into her whimsical approach to learning to read. Reading is such an essential skill necessary for everything we do—Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies mastery depends on children’s ability to read well enough to understand concepts. Ms. Latty recognizes that learning to read is a transformative journey for everyone; even students who were identified as having dyslexia made significant gains using First Words Fast. Of course, the colorful and creative materials gain the attention of teachers and pupils alike, but the real magic is in how quickly and how well it grows strong readers.
Marsha Burkley

Retired Principal

With First Words Fast, students’ learning is enhanced in many ways. I believe this is because the program truly sparks creativity in both teachers and students. Children love the rhythmic pattern of words, which makes learning fun while speeding along the process. First Words Fast ensures our educational approach to reading is child-centered, in order to encourage real life learning—learning that prepares our students for success in and outside of the classroom.

Karen Reece


Since leaving the typical classroom setting and embracing my role as a literacy specialist, it’s been my mission to find an effective reading programme that goes above and beyond teaching students to read. I initially began teaching literacy as part of our Ministry of Education’s Enrichment Initiative, which is aimed at improving students’ literacy skills before they reach grade 4.  Ideally, upon leaving the programme, students who were previously identified as struggling should be caught up to their grade level.

As it relates to teaching, I always look for a multifaceted approach. I first identify points of weakness for students (e.g. phonics, sight words, comprehension, etc.) and then brainstorm strategies to improve these areas. I’ve found, however, that this approach is limited, as it did not allow for the students to improve their holistic, overall reading skills because we were targeting only one area. First Words Fast is a complete systematic programme that doesn’t isolate the various components of literacy. An entire lesson can be taught within a 35-minute period, exposing students to and engaging them in all aspects of literacy. What’s most amazing to watch are the moments when students are able to reflect on and realize what they’ve learned—to read! I can’t wait until that light bulb moment occurs for each of my students.

Jodi - Ann Campbell

Special Education Literacy Teacher

The remarkable visual appeal of the First Words Fast reading kit is enough to immediately catch anyone’s eye… But the attention to detail and comprehensiveness of the program itself are what draws in both educators & learners for a deeper look.

As someone who’s taught literacy across various contexts, I feel I have a sound ear for solid resources, and this is certainly one of them!

Aside from a much-needed refurbished look at and take on the essential word-learning lists, the lesson concepts within First Words Fast are dynamic—they not only adapt to a differentiated teaching approach but also cater to various students and their learning styles. The harmonious and strategic flow of the lessons paired with the continuous reinforcement of the word chart platform help create a unique experience for all levels & types of learners.

To say the least, it is an integrative program that has the kind of conceptual learning for which young minds with such plasticity in the brain yearn. Jayne has truly taken into consideration what I believe to be gaps in other kits & programs aimed at teaching literacy, and that’s reflected in the research-based construction of her own word list alone.

It’s my belief that this kind & quality of work can only be produced by persons passionate about the learning process with the know-how to turn visionary ideas into practical resources & tools that can be used & mastered by others to allow knowledge the opportunity to expand to its full breadth & depth and reach its learners in an impactful manner—Jayne is definitely one of them.

Dan Mueller

Former Primary Literacy Advisor, Peace Corps

It has been my pleasure, for the past 16 years, to teach corrective reading. In my many years, I’ve been introduced to a plethora of reading programmes, strategies, and products aimed at addressing the various issues impacting students’ ability to learn. I found that while they did aid in some teaching or learning processes, the results not only would take a relatively long time to achieve, they were often quickly forgotten—these programs were missing essential scaffolding on which to build sustainable literacy skills.

I currently use First Words Fast with a group of students with various reading difficulties, and they respond wonderfully to the visual technique and emphasis on connections between high frequency words. Together, First Words Fast and the updated Latty List, have quickly generated and prolonged success compared to other literacy teaching programs. Quite simply, it gives students the tools to become their own decoding detectives.

Belynda James


First Words Fast is one of the best programs I have ever used as a reading intervention. While it’s very simple, students are given adequate time and means by which to review sight words before introducing them to more than they can handle. I love the fact that my students can develop in every area of literacy, especially writing and sentence construction. The decoding system uses a series of picture clues on word cards, and I see my struggling students learning more quickly with this approach, while even my advanced students remain engaged by the program’s adaptability and depth. In just four weeks, my students have progressed one or two grade levels! First Words Fast sets students up for both reading and learning excellence.
Allison Williams