What Makes it Work

First Words Fast

has an

Innovative 3-Key Formula

A unique phonics system uses charming images and color-coding to visually pair letters with picture cues that match their sounds.  These picture cues enable children to decode words, even words that “can’t be sounded out” because they “don’t follow the rules.”

*Note how both the short and long sounds of vowels are represented. If the vowel sound in a word is short, the chalkboard showing “adding” is the picture cue. If the vowel sound in a word is long, the angel is the picture cue.

Words are taught in groups (word families) that share a common sound, with alignment of those sounds on a ready-made, interactive Word Wall.

*The Copycats and Silent Partners
easily teach other ways to spell a sound.

A rich network of associations among the Sight Words on the Word Wall provides mnemonic cues to further help in learning them joyfully and quickly.

8 Posters, featuring Shara Story and her friends,

teach literacy skills in a simple, fresh, and fun way.

First Words Fast
is kind of like a rocket ship
of a reading program.